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Hotel Corona
Hotel Corona
Hotel Corona
Hotel Corona
Hotel Corona

The Service Charter defines the commitment of the Hotel Crown to apply the requirements of quality, environmental, safety and food hygiene described below. With the Service Charter we intend to qualify our business, the communities where we operate and pay close attention to the needs of our customers.

Management Commitment
The Management, to ensure a comfortable stay, promotes the quality of service; pays attention to communication and listening to the customer. To ensure continuous improvement of the quality and reliability of service, the Directorate, promotes the comparison with the best practices; is always attentive to the suggestions and innovations proposed both by the leading industry magazines, both those arising from the participation in trade fairs and conferences. To improve the tourist offer formed an ad hoc called HOTELISCHIA HOLIDAYS.

The reception service consists of four employees (head reception, secretary, accountant and night porter) is open from 8.00 to 23.00; the night porter service is available from 23.00 to 8.00. The checkin is a continuous service, unless unavailability room for turnover, in any case, the customer once registered, is part of all the fruition of services offered (solarium, pool, spa, garden, sea transit, luggage room, bar, TV viewing, free internet, etc.). The reception, also provides a welcome drink and entertainment, transfer services at pre-determined price, detailed tourist information.

Reservations are made ​​at the Front-Office; by phone; Online. Waiting times: during the day, in any case, within 12 hours. Languages ​​reception: Italian, English, German and Russian.

Cleaning, equipment and maintenance of the rooms
The daily cleaning of the rooms is completed by 13.00 hours, with rare exceptions. All rooms have a kit courtesy: Sat TV, Telephone, Fan, Air conditioning (on demand). Preventive maintenance programmed rooms ensure the functionality of all the amenities available.

The restaurant
The catering service includes Breakfast, from 8.00-10.00 hours; Lunch from 13.00 to 14.00 hours (time entrance hall); Dinner, from 20.00 to 21.00 (time entrance hall). The restaurant in Mediterranean vocation, also offers seafood specialties to meet the expectations of customers; request you provide a customized menu. The kitchen, the restaurant and support services, meet the requirements of the system of self-control of food hygiene HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Are planned and carried out, every two weeks, analysis antibacterial water and legionella. Periodic analyzes of water points champion, ensure the stability of the toilet pipes, tanks and cisterns.

The beach and the Baths
Hotel Corona is located a short distance from the beaches clean and tidy, equipped with all necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. For the health and well-being of our guests, we entered into an agreement with a well-known spa Ischia (Antiche Terme Castaldi), to customers who use the spa is offered a free transfer service; for the pleasure they organize, often, evening parties with dancing and musical entertainment. Privacy
Privacy is guaranteed and is in compliance with the law and the requirements of the customer and is applied in strict compliance with its provisions. In the case of the use of computers or computer systems, is ensured data protection and firewall protection and antivirus.

Eco Compatibility
We have formed an association ad hoc "Hotel Ischia Holidays" which among its institutional purposes, provides for the development of the area and one of its products; products which, to a large extent, fall within our food supply policies. The association undertakes initiatives, promotes civic engagement, maintains a continuous dialogue with local institutions (see the portal To ensure energy efficiency, Hotel Corona has a 20 kWh photovoltaic panels and solar systems; using energy-saving lamps; wherever they work reducing water flow. Provides waste disposal, recycling, collection and provision of controlled oils.

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